Business Succession Planning

Many of our clients are small business owners.  These include manufacturers, distributors, retailers and service providers as well as doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects and other professionals.

Small business owners face a unique set of decisions as they consider retirement:  when to sell the business; who will be the buyer; on what terms and at what price; how to minimize the tax consequences.  Perhaps the most difficult decision is letting go of the business because, more likely than not, the new owner will not run the business exactly the same way.

We help small business owners make wise decisions with advanced planning through owner buy-sell agreements among shareholders, members or partners designed to maintain order following the death, disability or withdrawal of an owner.  We advise them when the family business is to be passed to the next generation.  We guide them through the sale to a co-owner, trusted manager, competitor or other party.

We work closely with accountants, lenders and other lawyers to make the transaction go smoothly for our clients.  If you are a small business owner and think it may be time to get a succession plan in place or update a succession plan that no longer works, contact us to schedule a consultation and request free resources.