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April 1, 2020

COVID-19 and Legal Services

We hope you are safe and well. Those who have experienced personal loss from the tornado or pandemic are in our thoughts and prayers. Those who have relieved the suffering of others in their distress, thank you for your kindness and generosity. As this newsletter is heading to publication, Metro Health Department has issued a Safer at Home Order directing all Davidson County residents to stay inside their homes from March 23-April 5 except to take care of essential needs and obtain or provide essential services. Legal services are among those deemed “essential services businesses” which will remain open. The Safer at Home Order...

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March 7, 2020

Almost Adults

Spring is in the air! And, if you happen to have ‘almost adults’ living in and out of your house as I do, spring brings news of applications or acceptances to colleges or ‘changes to my major’ or ‘I’m thinking of graduate school’. I am a mother of two: my daughter, Taylor, currently a sophomore at Vanderbilt and my son, Christopher, expecting to follow his sister there in the fall. For me, spring brings the anticipation of the start of something new. For one, I will be an empty nester next fall… Gulp. But more importantly, my children are growing...

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February 17, 2020

President’s Day and A Few Lessons For Young People, About Money, etc.

George Washington’s Birthday is February 22. It has been a federal holiday since the 1880s. Since Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill in 1968 we have observed Washington’s Birthday on the third Monday in February. Congress considered renaming the holiday President’s Day to honor both Washington and Abraham Lincoln (born February 12). Congress rejected the name change and the combination. The federal holiday is officially Washington’s Birthday. However, retailers latched on Presidents’ Day to promote sales and the name stuck. Now Presidents’ Day is widely thought to honor all Presidents, past, present and future. This year do yourself a...

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January 13, 2020

Assessing Life Changes for 2020

With the new year arriving, it’s a great time to re-assess the needs of your family and life circumstances. Have there been any deaths, births, large purchases or sales, or any other large life changes in your family? Perhaps you added a grandchild or sold a house, then it is the perfect time to update your estate plan, your health or life insurance benefits. Most companies offer an open enrollment for the new year, so it’s worth checking with your employer or agent to see where you can get additional benefits or tax savings. Your estate plan can be revised...

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December 10, 2019

What Christmas Is As We Get Older

I attended a seminar on Music Copyright Law recently. I wanted to know more about songs, sound recordings, masters, mechanical royalties, performance royalties, licensing, synchronization and the other ways songwriters and artists are paid. Although music law is not our practice area, we are alert to the concerns of songwriters, authors, and other creatives with protecting and preserving their work in their estate plans. The seminar made me appreciate current copyright protection laws. Did you know American publishers reproduced Charles Dickens’ novels as quickly as they were published in London, without permission or payment to the author? I also realized why publishers love new Christmas...

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November 22, 2019

Substantive Tip: Charitable Giving in 2019

As we near the end of 2019, many of us will find opportunities for charitable giving. In the past, an income tax deduction made charitable giving attractive. Beginning in 2018, the standard deduc tion doubled. As a result, many taxpayers no longer itemize deductions; they get the full standard deduction whether or not they make a charitable gift. The standard deduction for 2019 is $12,200 for singles, $24,400 for married couples. For seniors, the standard deduction for 2019 is $13,850 for singles, $27,000 for married couples. Two strategies can help you turn charitable gifts into income tax deductions. First, bunch your charitable giving in one calendar...

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September 1, 2019


Many of you know I am a first-time grandparent. Our twin grandsons, Leo and Eli, are thirteen months old. All my friends who are grandparents tried to describe what it is like; their enthusiastic exclamations of joy, happiness and satisfaction fall short of how truly wonderful grandparenting is. Maybe this photo will come close. Grandparents Day is September 8, 2019 (the Sunday after Labor Day). You may know advises celebrating Grandparents Day throughout the year and provides ideas on how to “DoSomethingGrand.” Here are a few ideas for celebrating Grandparents Day if you are a grandparent or have a living grandparent. Cook...

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August 13, 2019

Ross Perot – 1930-2019

I remember very clearly in 1986 listening on the radio to an NPR interview with Ross Perot while I was driving to a noon Rotary meeting. At the time, Perot was a director and the largest individual shareholder of General Motors. The radio journalist asked, “Mr. Perot, as a director, you are entitled to a new GM vehicle every 6 months. Why are you still driving your 5-year old Oldsmobile?” Perot responded in his Texarkana twang, “When I buy something, I intend to use it.” Over the past 30 plus years I have applied that quote to a broad range of decisions. I may not remember...

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July 5, 2018

Love our service? Leave us a Google Review!

If you've had a great experience with Safe Estates, we'd be so honored if you would leave us a Google Review. It helps new customers find us and get help planning their wills, estates and trusts. We appreciate your feedback and strive to provide our customers with the best experience. Leaving a review is quick and easy to do. Click here - this will take you to the Google Maps link of Safe Estates. Scroll down on the left and you'll see the option that says "Write a Review" (see above, circled in purple) Select the "stars", write your review, and...

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