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Almost Adults

Spring is in the air! And, if you happen to have ‘almost adults’ living in and out of your house as I do, spring brings news of applications or acceptances to colleges or ‘changes to my major’ or ‘I’m thinking of graduate school’. I am a mother of two: my daughter, Taylor, currently a sophomore at Vanderbilt and my son, Christopher, expecting to follow his sister there in the fall.
For me, spring brings the anticipation of the start of something new. For one, I will be an empty nester next fall… Gulp. But more importantly, my children are growing up.
I am excited about my children’s independence and their journey into adulthood. They will have their new credit cards with the expectation to use it to build a good credit score and NOT to spend more than they can pay off each month. They will plan their own schedules, juggle extra curricular’s, do their own laundry, and continue their journeys into adulthood.
However, with their 18th birthdays, I am no longer privy to many things in their lives—their grades, their medical records, their bank accounts. While this is a good thing in their new lives of independence, what happens if there is a medical emergency? Just because I am Taylor’s mother, I may not be able to receive information from the doctors attending her. What if Christopher needs me to take care of a financial matter while he is abroad for a semester?
Consider having your young adult son or daughter come in to make you their Power of Attorney. We can custom draft it to include or not to include your ability to access grades, pay their rent when abroad, or act for them when needed. Or consider having them make you their Advanced Health Care Agent so you can be his or her agent if the need arises.
No matter their ages, my children will always be my children. But until that time when they believe they are ‘adults’, I would like to continue to be their go-to when and if the need arises. Please contact our office if we can assist you and your young adults in this way.
~ Julie Alley